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fun bags

July 13, 2007

Thanks to Holly for the name of this post. She just emailed me her measurements, so technically I can begin on her sweater. She dubbed her chest measurement “fun bags” which I thought was fraking hilarious. Why have I not heard that before? She also told me that she was taking her measurements over black shorts and an orange tank top. Because the color of the item of clothing matters so much. Is that also fraking hilarious? Itis to me.

Other Fun Bags:

My luggage from my trip to Buffalo is finally unpacked. It was an awesome trip and we all had a blast, especially in the pool.

In the pool.

We visited my Aunt’s farm while on vacation, and I came home with the most fun bag EVER.


I admit, it doesn’t look much fun until you know that this particular fun bag is full of fiber.


This is a roving of mohair with some romney (that’s how my Aunt describes it) that came from the animals at my Aunt’s farm. I’m beyond excited about this. Step one: Refine my spinning skills. Step two: Make beautiful yarn. HA!

Next fun bag courtesy of the Woolly Lamb, a yarn store in East Aurora, NY. My mom got me two magazines – Interweave Knits new Felt Special Issue, and a back issue of Spin-Off – and some yarn to make socks for Jerry.

new yarn

A bag filled with purchases from a yarn store? Always a fun bag, if you ask me.

Could there be more fun bags? After seeing this I realized that I needed to make it immediately. I’m at that point where I just finished a big knit (details forthcoming) and I have the urge to cast on for everything immediately. So I cast on yesterday.

Lastly, I have no idea how this fits into my “fun bag” theme, but I finished one sock.

Herbal Toe-up

I have never been more in love with a sock or the yarn I used to make it.  It’s Fat Sock in the color I Want Herbal! from Hello Yarn.  I followed the pattern “You’re Putting Me On!” found for free here.  A ha!  Now I’ve got it!  You know what would make for a fun bag?  One filled with piles and piles and piles of Fat Sock.

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  1. Kristy permalink
    July 13, 2007 12:24 pm

    So glad you had a great trip. The kids look like they really enjoyed the pool. What fun bags you brought back. Hmmm, interesting name for…well, you know! Glad you’re back – been checking daily until I remembered you went away! My daughter even asked when you’d be back. See – you were missed!

  2. July 13, 2007 12:31 pm

    Sounds like you had a wonderful time!
    That spinning fiber looks so soft and lovely. I saw the green shawl on ravelry with a finished tag!!! Will you show us soon?

  3. July 13, 2007 2:47 pm

    Glad you had a grea time! Lovely fiber!

  4. Sarah permalink
    July 13, 2007 5:38 pm

    Fun bags. That is all.

  5. July 13, 2007 10:13 pm

    Oooh, fiber. Are you going to dye it? Green? I can not wait to see what you do with the family made fiber! It looks like you had a great time too!

  6. h-spo permalink
    July 14, 2007 4:32 pm

    ok. so i totally need to make that fun bag too. i have been looking for a pattern like that one for a long time. it looks perfect for transporting cantaloupes. maybe i’ll use that linen that you sent me. would that work?

    and i have another question. why do people substitute the “k” for the “c” when it doesn’t really have any signifikanke? Mexiko? Is it bekause the word “knitting” starts with a “k”? lice i went to this plake onke kalled “kountry kuts”. to get my hair kut. there is absolutely NO reason for them to use the “k” instead of the “c”. it is weird. (unless they thinc that the “k” loocs more lice skissors or something. anyway.

  7. July 17, 2007 5:29 pm

    I like the fun bags-all of them! The socks are fun bags for the feet!

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