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October 2, 2006

Well, I’m back from Buffalo. In four days I hit three yarn stores. Much yarn was acquired.


From Yarn It All in Pendleton, NY I got (or rather, my mother got for me) some red and blue wool to make more sports-themed hats. I’m kinda sick of making them, since I just made three, but the Giants hat was a hit and Bills hats were soon requested. I think I’ll do a turned hem again but this time put a message inside. Maybe one will say Big Ed for my Dad and the other will say Little Ed for my brother (even though my brother is way taller than my Dad). I also got some $2 knitting magazine back issues, which I will discuss in a moment.


This, I believe, is the score to end all scores. I keep making a funny ta-da sound in my head every time I think of it.


Score! This is an 8oz cone of 100% shetland wool lace-weight that I purchased for $4.50. It is approximately 1,500 yards.  That is all I know about this yarn.  No idea about manufacturer or anything.  Four dollars and fifty cents! One thousand five hundred yards! It came from a yarn store called Daft Dames Handcrafts in Akron, NY. The store is mostly for weavers, or so they say. It is small. It is full of cones. It is kinda dusty. I also bought EZ’s Knitter’s Almanac here. What a serendipitous find! They hardly have any knitting books and it was EXACTLY the book I have been craving because I’m a Zimmermaniac! I haven’t started a project yet, but I have a Jerry sized sweater in mind, in the bottom-up seamless saddle shoulder fashion. Who knows.


A pile of yarn.  Which brings me to the knitting magazine back issues.


The one on top is IK Winter 2004, and it contains a pattern for mittens.  Not just any mittens, but Nordic Mittens (seen on many blogs, but most recently here).  Perfect then, that they are on Sandy’s blog because I’m a Warm Hands Knitalong-er!  So I got the back issue with the mitten pattern in it.  Then I got gifts of cash from my mom (for sewing up the pieces of a baby blanket that she had knit) and my grandma (who loves me) and I found myself in the third yarn store – The Wooly Lamb, East Aurora, NY.  Then I bought the yarn to make the mittens.  Next, I plan to keep somebody’s hands warm with these beautiful rainbow-y mittens.

OK.  Gosh, I sat down this morning at my computer at 9am to blog about knitting.  Motherly duties called, of course and now it’s almost 1:30pm and I’m just stealing a moment to finish this up.  If I’m ever going to get any knitting done I’d better start NOW!  Or maybe after the kitchen is clean.  Or maybe once I vaccuum.  Or maybe I’ll just wait until the kiddos are asleep.  By then I’ll be too tired.  At least I’ll go to sleep knowing I have enough yarn to last til the next millenium.

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  1. October 8, 2006 11:13 am

    It’s hard to refuse someone who really likes your knitting. 🙂 And what a wonderful bargain with the lace yarn!

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