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let me tell you about my feet

September 16, 2006

I’m 5 feet 10 inches tall, and that makes for big feet. I wear a women’s size 11, though if 10.5’s were more available, they’d probably fit better. I hate shopping for shoes, but I recently discovered that Rack Room shoes has a store brand that comes in size 11’s and suit my style (mommy blah is my style, if you were wondering).

The big feet are fine for many reasons (most notably: balance) but my clodhoppers make me crazy when it comes to knitting socks.  I’m always fearful beyond reason that I’m going to run out of yarn.  First of all, that hasn’t happened yet and second of all, would it really be the end of the world?  Although it would be troublesome to find more yarn, it would not be impossible.  Out of pure laziness, I just hope I never have to do that.

For the embossed leaves socks for my Mom (the person whom I can thank for my large walkers and ankles), I took care of the anxiety prematurely by purchasing three balls of yarn rather than two.  I’m happily knitting along knowing with absolute certainty that I cannot run out.  If that’s not tempting the knitting fates…

The pattern is written for normal feet, so I had to fudge around with it quite a bit to get the correct size.  Instead of casting on 64 sts, I cast on 76 for the twisted stitch ribbing at the top, and for the leg I’m working five repeats of the chart, rather than four, over 75 stitches (guage is 8.5sts/in I think, I’d have to check my notes).

So far it seems to be working alright.  I’m just starting the heel flap, which is worked over 38 stitches.  When I get to the instep, I’ll continue with two repeats of the leaves which should be centered on the top of the instep (oh how I hope they will be!).

For my trekking socks (the pattern is online, as PDF, here) I think I can resume the anxious feelings about running out of yarn.  I cast on 84 stitches.  84!  That’s a MEN’S MEDIUM according to PGR.  I measured my foot.  I made a guage swatch.  I really think they’re gonna fit.  BUT I’m still making adjustments to the pattern to insure that I can make a whole pair with one ball.  Instead of 7″ of leg, I’m doing 5″.  That’s good enough, right?  RIGHT?  SOMEONE PLEASE REASSURE ME.

Nevermind.  Even if you reassure me I’ll still be freaking out each step* of the way.  I think the way to solve this problem is to just knit the freaking socks.  Knit them, and if I need to rip back, then just rip back for goodness sake.  Then I’ll stop making socks for myself altogether and knit for smallish people.  Like my children or short family members.

But I’ll probably eat my words because, dammit, I like knitting socks.  Even with all the sweating.  (or swearing)

*subtle sock humor

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  1. September 21, 2006 3:14 pm

    Oh my goodness. I have those same feet! Seriously, I am about as tall as you and I wear 10.5 or 11’s too. I have to buy men’s running shoes cause the ladies shoes are just too darn small! It was a running joke around my house that I would have to wear the boxes, instead of the shoes! Awwww, yeah. Makes me wonder what size my daughter’s feet will grow to……I will be prepared cause I have experience! Love your blog, I am a novice knitter – keep up the good work!

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