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September 5, 2006

A while back, I saw some Trekking XXL at my lys. I thought it looked pretty, but I opted for some Lana Grossa Meilenweit Multiringel instead (blue-green self-stiping = hard for me to resist). After that, I discovered the Trek Along With Me knitalong, and the wonders of Trekking XXL. I’ve been mesmerized by all those freakin colorways.

Fast forward to last week. I visited my family in SC and dropped many, many hints to my mother- and sister-in-law about the yarn store nearby. Luckily, they were game for an excursion and off we headed to The Needler, leaving five kids with two dads and bringing one baba (the Mag) along for the ride. We weren’t there five minutes when I spotted the sock yarn and I had decided on my very first souvenir yarn purchase. Color 100. I cannot wait to get this on the needles.

Yay for Me News!

So. I taught my friend Lisa to knit and introduced her to knit-blog-land-world. Weeks ago she forwarded me a link to the Yarnival thingy over at Needle Exchange. She encouraged me to submit, and I told her it was for good writers – not for me. But it was in my head and I decided to submit a post anyway. Surprise! I made it! Check out all the entire issue here. I haven’t read any of it yet, but I plan to when I get a good block of time (better known as nighttime).

So, thanks Lisa! And when the heck are you going to start a knitting blog?

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  1. September 5, 2006 5:22 pm

    That’s my favorite trekking colorway! 🙂 I’m glad I discovered trekking via the trek along too, I don’t think I would have tried it otherwise.

    Congrats on the yarnival placement!

  2. Lisa S. permalink
    September 5, 2006 11:07 pm

    Hey! I am SO glad you are in the yarnival! Congratulations. Love the yarn too. Socks are fun!

    A blog, in my dreams. Ha, you’ve seen the state of my house. Think what it would be with a blog.

    🙂 Way to go!

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