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I made ugly yarn.

August 27, 2006

But it’s so pretty!

On Saturday I had my first hand-spinning class at my local spinning store. The store is Spinners Ridge and the class was taught by Tina Feir.

Overall, it was completely awesome. I met good fiber-loving people. I learned how to use a spindle. I came away with my own little bit of yarn (and more fiber for practicing). I was even invited to the local knitting guild’s next meeting! Best of all, my baby was most cooperative.


Here’s The Maggie sitting next to a basket of fiber.

I have never really had a group. A knitting group. I’ve knit with friends before, but I’ve never gotten together with a group a people who are crazy about knitting or crocheting or fiber. It was an intense, comforting, happy time. I can’t wait to do it more.

After we got the spindles spinning we were each doing this wonderful thing for the first time. You could tell that each person was enjoying the feeling of moving the fiber through their hands, turning the spindle and almost miraculously forming yarn.  The room was quiet (except for the random happy scream from a baby who just enjoys hearing herself scream) and everyone seemed content.


I’m not sure what I’ll do next.  I will practice using my drop spindle, maybe try to make enough yarn for a hat or something.  After that, who knows?  I think Tina was a great teacher, so I will probably sign up for her class that teaches how to use the spinning wheel.  I’ll be on the look-out for a reasonably priced used wheel.  Maybe try some dyeing.  Oh, the possibilities are endless.  It is a new world of fiber for me!

For now, I’m just going to sit here and caress my itty bitty skein of my own hand-spun yarn.

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  1. Sarah permalink
    August 29, 2006 3:37 am

    wow. If you got a spinning wheel, that would be serious.


  2. August 29, 2006 3:28 pm

    Very cool! Congrats on your first handspun! 🙂

  3. nvrenough permalink
    June 24, 2008 9:42 pm

    Way to go on your handspun.

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