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To nupp or not to nupp.*

August 23, 2006

Of course, I’ve discovered two knitalongs (here and here, who knows why there are two) for the Swallowtail Shawl from the new IK.

I don’t really feel like joining up. Mostly because I suck at knitting lace. But also because the more rows I actually complete of the dumb shawl, the more I realize how much time it is going to take me to finish. I envy those fast knitters who have already finished. But I’m in awe at the same time. Can you tell I’m a little put off with the whole lace shawl business? It boils down to the fact that for about fifteen hours of each day, I take care of the children. The lovely ones. The ones I wouldn’t want to be anywhere but here all day. The ones who are growing up so quickly that it makes me wish time went slower.

With the shawl, progress is slow. I’m okay with that.

*And about the nupp: it’s part of the pattern. It involves a bobble type of maneuver and then a purling-a-shit-ton together maneuver. I fear the nupp, but will attack with courage when I get there. Whenever that may be.

Also – I am taking my first ever spinning class on Saturday. The Mag, who is almost six months old, will be at my side lounging in her jiggly (better known as a bouncing chair), or at my front in her sling for the duration. For my sake and the sake of the other newbie-spinners, let us all hope she is as quiet and as peaceful as we know she can be.

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