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New Yarn

July 24, 2006

My first project on fingering weight yarn was in February. Before that, I was a worsted kinda gal, and I jumped at any chance to knit something carrying two strands of worsted together! Boy how things change.

With varying projects in mind, but nothing set in stone, I ordered some lace and fingering yarn from KnitPicks.

(Pretty darned horrible picture, but I wanted to give you the gist, ya know? By the way, it’s hard to get good pics when 1- there are small children waiting inside who may or may not be crying and 2- it’s so muggy and hot that the camera fogs up when you step outside. Enough with the excuses.)

I’m planning on going a little crazy with the Kool-Aid and the natural colored sock yarn – called Bare containing 100% merino wool.

Here is the lace weight yarn, Shadow (100% merino), with a better representation of the color:

I, for some reason, can not get enough of the heathered yarns. LOVE THE HEATHERED. I plan to use this lace for my very first lace project. I might do the Shetland Triangle from WrapStyle (pictured quite beautifully here), or Eunny’s Print O’ the Wave Stole, or any one of the many many (mostly free) lace patterns I have been collecting recently. I’m leaning toward the Shetland Triangle because, as I understand it, it is good for beginners and lovely.

The blue and green yarn at the top of the top picture is called Essential. I can’t say why I chose those colors. I really just can’t say. But I’m going to try some stranded knitting. Maybe a baby hat. Or mittens. Or socks. Or just a swatch. There’s no telling. I’m hoping that they are contrasted enough to be good for two-color knitting.

But first, I’m going to finish Jerry’s boy sweater. I started the second sleeve last night. I’ll soon be joining body to sleeves to begin raglan decreases. Whoopee!

Just one more thing. I was speaking to Gerald yesterday and I was going on and on about knitting swatches. Finally I said, “Do you know what a swatch is?” and he replied, “It’s for checking your guage, right?”

I fell flat on my face. My husband actually listens to me when I talk about knitting.

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  1. Lisa S. permalink
    July 24, 2006 4:28 pm

    Where are you putting all this yarn? Isn’t it fun to get packages?

    I got some sock yarn on Sat, along with the pattern for Kate’s baby sampler. I have more projects going than ever before.

    Not enough hours in the day to knit, x-stitch, and procrastinate doing housework…oh and watch the kids too!

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