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July 22, 2006

I’m swatching like crazy because I’m sick of knitting Jerry’s sweater for now and I have cast-it-on-itis. I keep looking through my patterns and want to grab the nearest ball of yarn, the pointiest needles, and the comfy-est chair and just CAST ON. I have to stop this madness.

Here’s the one thing I did start swatching:


Okay. Where should I start? The yarn was 50% off when I bought it a while ago. It is Cestari Cotton Blend, (75% cotton, 25% wool, DK Lightweight, 290 yds., Green Heather) which I have never seen anywhere and I’m not really fond of cotton because it hurts my hands. Again, it was 50% off.

I swatched first (on top in the photo) using the “Smocking” stitch from BW’s Treasury. I had in mind a little tank top for the Mag that was stretchy at the top and flowy at the bottom. The resulting fabric came out so thick that I abandoned the summerwear idea and started formulating a plan for a fall sweater. Thank goodness for swatching!

I still like the smocking stitch, so I think I’ll use it on the top half (or third) of a little cardi sweater with one or two buttons at the top, flowy stockinette at the bottom with picot edging, a simple eyelet near the hem, maybe an eyelet round to weave a ribbon through. Oh, and maybe I’ll try to make the sleeve caps a little bunched right at the top! Does that have a name? I have so many ideas! Perhaps I’ll save some ideas for the next project.

Both swatches above are 42 sts wide. After I knit a few more inches on the stockinette swatch (on the bottom in the photo), I’ll start the smocking pattern and see how it looks bunched up. I probably could have knit a whole sweater in the time it has taken to make these swatches, but I’m really enjoying the process.

The picot? So very fabulous! This is my first time doing a trim other than ribbing, and I just love how it looks.

Other projects:

Jerry’s boy sweater is still waiting for me to finish sleeve #1. I’ll soon put a moratorium on new knitting until I finish the sweater. It would be a shame to leave it unfinished for too long.

I ordered lace yarn, sock yarn, and yarn to try stranded knitting from KnitPicks. The lace will be shawls or lacy scarves. The sock yarn I’m going to dye with Kool-aid. The yarn to try stranded knitting will be used to try stranded knitting (then probably ripped out a whole bunch).
I’m using stash yarn to make a dinosaur (free – pdf). This is the very first project in the Christmas knitting category. I think I’m being a little crazy about starting Christmas knitting in July. I have a whole list. We’ll see how many of those ideas actually get made.

That is all for now. I heard the postman drive by. Maybe he brought me yarn.

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  1. Lisa S. permalink
    July 24, 2006 4:24 pm

    ok I LOVE that color! It would make a great tunic style dress and then when she grows it can be a top! The color is awesome. You could do the sleeveless style and then she can wear a onesie turtleneck underneath…. The picot is very cool.

  2. Fabiola permalink
    July 28, 2006 2:01 pm


    Lovely work!! I would appreciate if you could explain me the

    “Smocking” stitch from BW’s Treasury


    Thanks a lot.


  3. luise calderbank permalink
    November 5, 2007 8:30 am

    Do you know where I can find instructions for knitting baby/toddler size sweaters (prefer cardigan) using the smocking stitch? Thank you. Luise

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