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striped cables?

July 15, 2006

I’m moving along with Jerry’s boy sweater. Sleeve number one looks like this from the front:


And like this from the back:


I have finished the sweater body to the armholes:


Here are a few things about the boy sweater:

  • I measured my guage a teeny bit wrong. It was bound to happen, and I should have known, because my official swatch was far too small for correctly measuring guage. I should have knit another bigger one. I knew this of course, but nonetheless I bravely cast on and now I’m seeing the results of my carelessness. I’ll explain. I wanted Jerry’s sweater to have a circumference of about 28″ (I measured a nice fitting sweatshirt he has). Knit at a guage of 5 sts/inch, I should have cast on 140 sts. I cast on 138 because I’m kinda following a pattern. After I had knit enough of the body, I measured and realized it was two inches bigger than it should have been. The circumference is 30″, and with 138 sts on the needles, that makes the guage 4.6 sts/inch. Quite a bit off, huh?
  • This guage issue is okay because he’s four, and he is not going to get smaller.
  • I’m also okay with this because the only way to make good sweaters is make bad (or rather, not perfect) ones first, right? Next sweater is definitely going to have a bigger swatch.
  • So I made some nice stripes on the body.  I like them.  But I don’t think I should add stripes to the sleeves because of the cables.  Any thoughts on this?
  • I think the wave cable looks wonky.  Is this because of the inelasticity of the cotton yarn?  Will it look better once it gets washed and worn a bit?
  • OOooo.  One last thing.  I am absolutely in love with the side of the sleeve with the increases.  It is pleasing to me, and I can’t really explain why.

I made a scarf:


I used the Single Cable Scarf pattern from One Skein.  I used exactly one skein (natch!) of Lamb’s Pride Worsted, in the color Clematis.  I almost thought for a minute that I’d have to whip out a new skein to finish the fringe until I remembered that I had some strands left over from weaving in ends.  Sweet.  It was very very very easy and quite satisfying to knit.  I added fringe because I think my mom will like it with fringe.  It’s for her birthday in a few weeks.  I love the back of the scarf as much as the front.

Now, since all the babas are asleep, I am going to knit.

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  1. Lisa S. permalink
    July 17, 2006 10:48 am

    I really love the body of that boy sweater. I think the cable will look fine once it is on his arm. It is really misleading with nothing in the sleeve to fill it out.

    No stripe. Though that means nothing really b/c I can’t visualize the arm attached to the torso (of the sweater that is!).

    Maggie’s sweater turned out great, I have no doubt this one will too!

  2. July 20, 2006 10:06 pm

    I can visualize the arm attached to the sweater, and I agree with Lisa. No stripes. Stripes will make it busy, in a bad way.

    I think the sweater will be beautiful! And if the non-elastic cotton cabels end up looking funny… Well, he’ll grow out of the sweater as fast as he grows into it.

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