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ending and beginning

June 17, 2006

Aunt AJ's socks are almost done.


I am working on the instep of sock number two. The colors in the picture, on my computer at least, are very accurate. I was worried about having enough yarn, but I'll be fine. I am so bored with these socks that I can't even stand typing about it. But I'll finish them soon. The yarn is from Three Waters Farm.
Swatching began for Jerry's boy sweater.


I'm making up my own pattern, but the design in my head has gone through several revisions. For now I'm sticking with set-in sleeves, but I'm tempted to explore the raglan since that style is so cute on little boys. I'm pretty sure that this sweater will have a zipper.

The yarn is Mission Falls 1824 Cotton. At first I wasn't thrilled with the nubby texture, but each time I hold the swatch in my hands (and smell it and rub it against my cheek) I like it more and more. The (crazy) yarn store employees kept saying how it hides mistakes nicely. Is that a good thing? If I have a mistake, shouldn't I be able to see it so I can fix it? As much as I like the actual yarn in this particular store, I could do without those particular employees. They're always trying to dumb down the knitting. But back to the yarn. It was nice and easy and smooth to knit with.

A few months ago when I first began reading knitting blogs, I remember reading someone's (wish I could remember who) tip about how to avoid the odd-colored purl bumps when switching to a new color while knitting ribbing. The tip, which may be widely known, just not to me, is to knit across the whole row on the right side with the new color. The knit stitches in the purl section of the rib are hidden as you continue the ribbing on the next row. Got it? Well, you can see in the pic above that I have executed that tip and it works! The line is mostly straight. I likey.

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  1. June 25, 2006 4:01 pm

    Thanks for the tip! And unless that is miracle cotton, I think your yarn store employees are wrong.

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