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boy sweater

June 11, 2006

boy sweater yarn.JPG

Planning has begun on a sweater for Jerry.  He just turned four and has no knitted things made especially for him by me.  So I'm working on a design.

I can't believe I'm trying to design something myself.  My mom always says, "You are such a good knitter!" and I always say, "Not really, I'm just excellent at reading and following directions.  I could never design anything myself!"  But here I am thinking through a design.

I'm inspired to do this because I have a specific idea of what a sweater for my little monster should look like.  I want it to be plain.  I want it to have ribbing around the cuffs and hem.  I want it to have a ribbed collar that stands up.  I want it to have a zipper.  I want it to have some stripes.  I could search for a pattern that fits these criteria, but that would likely be fruitless. 

Also, after working on Maggie's sweater, I've realized that sweaters aren't as daunting as I thought they were.  Knitting a bunch of pieces and sewing them together is like a puzzle with math involved.  I'm good at puzzles and math.

So begins my next knitting adventure. 

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  1. Sarah permalink
    June 12, 2006 3:54 pm

    I want to knit a 1950’s style cocktail dress with a square neckline and a cinched waist. It is a pipe dream, and yet your boldness inspires me.

    haha ahahaha ha.

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